Sunday, September 13, 2015

Third Grade, Round Two

Hi everyone!
I hope everyone has gotten off to a fabulous start of the school year.

As you know, last year was my first year teaching 3rd after years of teaching first and second grades.  It was an AMAZING first year, but I have to say, I felt like I was on a treadmill that just.never.ended!

It was a lot to juggle:

  • A new reading program
  • Infusion of current mathematics program with some common core modules
  • SLO's/Teacher Evaluations
  • Data Inquiry
  • Test Prep
  • State Tests
  • Data, Data, Data!
Not to mention tying that all in to everything I've ever known and loved about teaching - making meaningful experiences for my students.

Couple that with two busy teenagers and a hubby at home...needless to say, the school year passed by in the blink of an eye.

Here we are, year two,
with {hopefully} a little more time 
and breathing space
to reflect on my days
and put some of it out here for you.

The first stop - my classroom.  I stayed with my teal/black and yellow theme because it just makes me feel nice and calm.  However, you know I had to kick it up with some special touches from one of my favorite decor ladies, Melanie from Schoolgirl Style!  This year, I went with her "Road Trip" decor.  I was going to add a few touches here and there, but once I got started, I just couldn't stop!  I re-labeled just about everything, and I love how it turned out!

So let's get this year rolling! Here's my classroom 2015 reveal :)

I've LOVED looking at your classroom reveals over the past few weeks and wish you all the happiest of school years! Here's to a great 2015-16!


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